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Halloween brings out the kid in all of us, so what better time to bring your group together for a fun virtual teambuilding session. Whether you find yourself wrist-deep in slimy pumpkin guts, decorating the perfect Halloween cookie or emerging unscathed from a super spooky Escape Room, these virtual Halloween parties are so much fun, it’s scary. Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Whose gourd will achieve greatness in this Jack O’Lantern carve-off? Pumpkins and carving kits can be provided to guests or it can be strictly B.Y.O.P. Either way, some guts are going to be spilled as participants clean and carve their pumpkins together online via Zoom. When the carving is complete, the contest (judged by us or the judge of your choice) will commence. Who will take home the grand prize and be your company’s Great Pumpkin? Whooooo? (Insert spooky owl sound here……) 

Halloween Costume Contest

Calling all ghouls, goblins, witches and werewolves! Or any costume that’s safe for work. (Bridgerton? Bernie Sanders? Bennifer?) We will warm everyone up with some fun Halloween games and trivia, and conclude with a costume contest! Winners will receive a prize and everyone will enjoy an excuse to be silly instead of serious on Zoom. Encourage participation by adding a CSR element – the company will donate a certain amount to a local children’s charity for every employee who shows up in costume, or auction off a Halloween basket o’treats to the highest bidder. If your group enjoys a happy hour, have everyone concoct their own “Witches Brew,” Bloody Mary or “Screamsicle” milkshake. Doesn’t have to be BOO-zy unless you like it that way!

Ghoulish Game Show Mash Up

Ok boys and ghouls, where did Jack O’ Lanterns originate? If you said Ireland, treat yourself to some Halloween candy. You might be the big winner of our Halloween trivia contest, where we dish out spooktacular facts from our bubbling cauldron of knowledge. Do scary movies make you shriek with delight? Try your luck with our series of Ghoulish Games:

  • Deep Cuts – Can you name the  horror film from a still-frame photo from a famous scene?
  • Monster Mash – Teams are shown a series of clues describing a famous movie monster, and the faster you guess it, the more points you get!
  • Now In Theaters – Can you name the famous horror film from only its tagline?
  • Treat Yo’Self – Identify your favorite Halloween candy from a close-up picture to taste sweet victory.

Fun, safe and completely virtual, so – as long as you’re on mute – no one can hear you scream. With joy. When you win. (Mwahahaha.)

Mad Scientist Escape Room

Mwahahaha, indeed! Our spooky seasonal Escape Room is chock-full of Halloween hi-jinks. Solve the clues to escape the evil clutches of a scientist gone mad! We know that not everyone loves solving puzzles (especially from our demented doctor) so we’ve come up with lots of ways for each member of your team to contribute. Our dedicated hosts keep the fun coming and the energy turned UP, so every Escape is a great one.

Virtual Boo-Rista Fall Coffee Break

‘Tis the season for pumpkin spice everything, so send your gang a pumpkin spice latte DIY kit with all the yummy fixings. Our professional barista will walk them through making the perfect pumpkin pick-me-up, and once everyone is well caffeinated, we can get the coffee-talk flowing with some ice breakers designed especially for your group. If coffee isn’t everyone’s thing, that’s ok! We’ll customize the kits so everyone gets something they enjoy, whether it’s a caramel apple cider drink or another autumnal beverage of your choosing. (Is pumpkin-flavored tea a thing? Asking for a friend.)

Halloween Cookie Decorating Contest

Who’s a smart cookie? Cookie decorating kits (with cookies, frosting and fixings) will be sent to participants, who will break up into meeting rooms with their very own Go Team host or hostess. Each decorator will be given a theme – pumpkins, witches or ghosts, for example – and  specific instructions on how to achieve Halloween cookie haute-couture. Judges will pick a winner, but everyone wins with a sweet batch of boo-tiful cookies that are theirs to keep.

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