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“How can I make genuine connections with my co-workers when I never see them in person?”

We hear this question all the time and don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! If your company (or at least your current position) is still remote, you’re not alone. As US companies look for ways to cut costs by downsizing office space, our post-pandemic reality may offer fewer opportunities to create critical personal relationships in the workplace. And since 70% of employees say friends at work is the most crucial element to a happy working life, we need a substitute for water-cooler convos and coffee breaks with your office besties.

Enter virtual team building! Whether it’s clinking virtual glasses with an artisanal cocktail, blowing everyone away with your trivia knowledge, charming your CEO/head judge with your cookie-decorating skills or enjoying a front-row, VIP experience with a famous entertainer, you deserve a break from ‘Zoom-as-usual’ and we are here to give it to you!

And though it may seem like cutting out team building might be a good way to save money right now, the exact opposite is true. Investing in employee engagement has never been more critical as isolation and loneliness put workers at odds with productivity and job satisfaction. 

But never fear! You don’t need a huge budget to do these easy virtual events, and our team is at the ready with plenty of virtual event experience to ensure that everything goes smoothly and super high-energy hosts to ensure that FUN is the name of the game. 

Table of Contents

  1. Virtual Stand-Up Comedy Show for Your Team or Company
  2. Celebrity Guests
  3. Bringing You the Best of Broadway
  4. Live Virtual Concert With A Professional Musician(s)
  5. Pet-Friendly CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  6. Foster the Children (Fill Backpacks for Kids in Foster Care)
  7. Digital Decompression — Guided Relaxation Journey
  8. Virtual Guest Artist
  9. What’s My Line? (Improv session)
  10. Team Building with Bricks
  11. Choose Your Own Virtual Adventure
  12. Cookie Decorating Contest
  13. Virtual Office Celebration
  14. Zingo
  15. Games via Zoom
  16. Karaoke
  17. Wine Tasting
  18. Travel Experiences
  19. Mixologist/Cooking Demonstration
  20. Cigar rolling
  21. Escape Room
  22. Murder Mystery
  23. Virtual Quiz Show


  1. Virtual Stand-Up Comedy Show – Just like the comedy club, but up close and personal and without the two drink minimum!  We LOVE comedians here at Go Team. Funny, smart, personable – these are our people! But no matter how many virtual shows a comedian has done, you still need to have a conversation with them to remind them of your corporate/HR policies and make sure that they don’t stray off the mainstream/what’s appropriate. If you are worried about a comedian’s material, you can always ask for bullet points and themes that the comedian plans to cover. That way, if you see that their middle bits are politics and religion, you might have them skip that section – you always want to be mindful of any cultural sensitivities in your group. Once they finish their set, a Q & A allows participants to engage in a way they couldn’t have done in a normal theater setting. Our team can help find a comedian who suits your office ethos, brainstorm unique engagement ideas and make sure all the tech runs smoothly. All you need to bring is a sense of humor and a napkin to clean your screen in case you do a spit-take.


  1. Celebrity Guests – Since we’ve all spent so much time indoors, we feel closer to our favorite celebrities than ever before. Give your team an up-close and personal glimpse of life in front of the camera! You’ve got a world of options when it comes to online celebrity interaction, but one great example would be our experience with two of the winners from the CBS show, “Survivor.” They talked about their experience on the show, fielded questions from the audience and shared great take-home advice based on what they learned about themselves, which really applied to how people were feeling in quarantine. (How to cope with literal island fever.) .  “Dancing With The Stars” was another exciting virtual event. Season 3 and Season 5 vets of the show showcased two new dance routines, talked about their experiences on the show and taught guests a few moves, so everyone was able to say that they got to ‘dance with a Star’!   Who do you want to meet? Let’s make it happen.


  1. Best of Broadway – Even though some Broadway shows are going back, not every actor has gotten the call, especially right now when touring shows are limited. We’ve had wonderful experiences with stars from “Hamilton,” “The Lion King” and “Dear Evan Hansen” who are more than happy to sing some of their favorite songs, tell their stories of hard knocks and making it against the odds, plus true backstage stories and some of their favorite (and strangest) fan interactions. If you can’t bring your team to the Great White Way, we can bring it to you.


  1. Live Virtual Concert With A Professional Musician(s) – You don’t need connections to get this backstage pass! With so many tours canceled, musicians are eager to get in front of an audience, even if it’s in the virtual world. From classic 80s to current stars, to the songwriters behind the hits, live music is an easy way for audiences to forget they are actually attending a meeting. Plus, your team gets an up-close, exclusive opportunity to interact with a famous musician. Rock on!


  1. Pet-Friendly CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) – Animal charities across the country are always looking for handmade toys, including training toys for service dogs. For this event, we can mail the necessary materials to participants, or they can upcycle common household items to make toys for caring canines or cool cats. During the event, we provide step-by-step instructions and have people share stories and photos of current and past animals they have known and loved. We’ve also had people throw parties just to make toys for their own pets, and we are fine with that , too!
  1. Foster the Children – We work with several national charities who work hard to make sure that kids in foster care receive the things they need to set themselves up for success, no matter where they call home. And since studies have shown that doing good engenders positive feelings like gratitude and satisfaction, it’s always a win/win.


  1. Digital Decompression – Ready for a dose of now and… Zen? Experience an online retreat where guests go one a guided journey, learning how to combat Zoom/eye fatigue with eye exercises, breath work, chair yoga and facial reflexology. Each guest will receive a wellness package including an ancient beauty tool (think Ayurvedic wand or rejuvenating jade) and ingredients to brew their own golden latte at home. Filled with all-natural herbs and spices, this anti-inflammatory beverage is designed to relax and energize simultaneously without caffeine, improving brain function and boosting the immune system. Guests will be empowered with techniques for better health, immunity and relaxation, resulting in higher levels of happiness and improved work efficiency.


  1. Virtual Guest Artist – Got a creative group that’s young at ART? From fingerpainting to street graffiti to creating your own comic strip, all you need is a willing artist/teacher and a box of supplies to help your group create individual (or even collective) masterpieces that will brighten their home and office (or home office) for years to come. 


  1. Team Building with Bricks – These famous plastic bricks rhyme with… L’Eggos™. This is one of our most popular live events, re-purposed for a digital experience. There are two ways to do this: Guests can receive a template for a famous character, plus the appropriate plastic bricks required to complete the picture. Alternatively, everyone in your group receives their own piece of a larger picture, then put them together to create a whole, which is then donated to a hospital or local children’s charity. Working together for a common goal or just working at the same fun task simultaneously makes it easy to engage with co-workers in a casual, low-pressure environment.
  1. What’s My Line? (Improv session) – Improvisational comedy is all about teamwork and having each other’s back, making it a perfect fit for corporate teambuilding. Whether you want to squeeze in a few giggles during your next online meeting or commit to a full-on, laugh-out-loud improv sesh, our professional improvisers/hosts – who hail from the hallowed halls of Second City and the Groundlings – will have your group howling with laughter. They will work with you to create a safe space where everyone is entertained and those who wish to jump in are free to do so, seamlessly incorporating teamwork and communication strategies that serve both the improv stage and the corporate arena. Can I get a yes, and…?
  1. Choose Your Own Virtual Adventure – Want to offer a wide range of choices at your virtual meeting? It’s easy to set up several virtual rooms where people can come and go as they please. One example could be:
  • Magic Show
  • Pub trivia room
  • Mixologist
  • Wheel of Fortune Room
  • Escape Room Mini Puzzles

We will customize this fun event to suit your interests/needs! Just ask.


  1. Virtual Office Celebration – If there’s a special milestone or celebration for someone in your office, a custom virtual event created around some of their favorite things is a great way to celebrate them and bring your group together. Ideas could include, Guess the Baby, a trivia round based on that person, and everyone’s favorite, Mutual Appreciation Society, where everyone shares a favorite story or anecdote about what the celebrant means to them.
  1. Zingo – Need a quick game to break up a meeting? BINGO! We’ve got a game for you. Just assign a “caller” to read the numbers, distribute digital cards where you mark your X online just like you were sitting at a picnic table at the county fair, and maybe sweeten the pot with a prize or two that can easily be mailed to the winner, like a Starbucks gift card or similar. Alternatively, play it “Ice-Breaker” style by creating your own bingo cards with fun facts you may not know about your co-workers. Who can speak another language? Who hasn’t seen Star Wars? Get to know your co-workers in a relaxed, fun way, and maybe you’ll even see a tattoo or two. (G-rated, obvs.)
  1. Games Via Zoom – Zoom recently got in on the gaming action with the addition of the Zoom App Marketplace. You can use it to play a variety of games including Live Game Night Poker, Kahoot and Heads Up during Zoom meetings. (Heads Up is a charade style game made popular by talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres.) Here’s how to get the games on Zoom:
  1. Download or upgrade the latest version of Zoom for Mac or PC.
  2. Go to the Zoom app marketplace (https://marketplace.zoom.us/)
  3. Click on the “Games” category
  4. Select the game you wish to play, sign-in to zoom and follow the instructions.
  1. Karaoke – Got some rockstars in your group? Ready to let loose with a little Imagine Dragons or go old-school with Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”? Whether everyone in your group is ready for their solo or if they just want to watch, hosted Karaoke events make sure that your tech is up to par, that everyone is entertained whether they are singing or not, that all the music is keyed up and that all potential performance snafus have been pre-addressed. For okey-dokey Karaoke, we have two words for you: Go Team.


  1. Wine Tasting – Yum, wine! Step one: Check to make sure that everyone in your group is at least a casual fan of fermented grape juice. Step two: either DIY or purchase enough virtual wine tasting kits for everyone. Step three: make it a date by setting up the online meeting. Once everyone is in the room, a wine expert guides attendees through the wines, noting taste, smell, color, etc. Everyone can chime in with their tasting notes (“I’m getting marshmallow with a hint of mushroom”) and maybe even learn a few things about their co-workers. In vino veritas, people!


  1. Travel Experiences – See, hear and taste the world without leaving your house! Listen to a live country-music performance and learn how to make Nashville hot chicken. Take an architectural tour of Windy City while your Chicago-style pizza bakes in your very own oven. Learn how to make the perfect Negroni, then sip slowly while taking an online tour of the Vatican. The sky is literally the limit when it comes to virtual travel experiences. Just choose your destination, set the date, order your supplies and away you (all) go!


  1. Mixologist/Cooking Demo – Did someone say happy hour? Participants receive a box (exciting!) with everything they need to mix, taste, cook and/or decorate delicious food and drinks. Depending on the size of your group, you’ll be guided by an expert bartender or chef, then head to break-out rooms to share your creations with your coworkers. Cheers!
  1. Cigar rolling – This one’s for the grown-ups! If you’re into cigars (or know someone who is), here’s a rare opportunity to master the art of cigar-rolling with a hands-on lesson from an instructor. Attendees receive a beautiful package with everything they need to learn how to roll their own cigar from a Torcedor (master cigar roller – literally means ‘one who twists.’) You can smoke it yourself or give it away, but either way, this virtual event is on FIRE.
  1. Escape Room –Take all the fun and challenges of a traditional in-person Escape Room and transition it to the virtual world. Our “Zoom Escape” is a great fit for any group because we include a variety of challenges, so even if you’re not a “puzzle person” you’ll still find ways to help your team. From interactive riddles to classic ciphers, teams may even find themselves competing in a lip sync battle after the third clue. These are a Go Team specialty and you can call us directly – no secret password required. (Ok, it’s ‘doughnuts.’ Shhhh….)
  1. Murder Mystery – A virtual Murder Mystery is a ton of fun for groups who enjoy getting into character and hamming it up. Pre-event, guests will receive an email detailing the event and a quick synopsis of all the characters they’ll meet. Upon arrival to the meeting, the main host (or Head Detective) gives them the scoop and sends them off to breakout rooms, where a dedicated Team MC will send each guest their character and begin guiding them through our 3-act script. It’s a hootin’, hollerin’ who-dunit that will have your team working together to solve the mystery.


  1. Virtual Quiz Show – Are you ready for this? Go Team’s virtual quiz show can accommodate up to 3000 participants, competing from anywhere in the world! Our Virtual Quiz Show takes all the fun of a classic Pub Trivia competition and turns everyone’s phone/web browser into their very own quiz scoresheet. Our live host leads your group through a series of multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions, ‘Buzzer’ games, virtual avatar races and more. Play as individuals or as teams where each person’s score counts towards their team total. Virtual, digital, and super interactive!

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