Go Team Events

Enormous Orlando Lawn Olympics

800 People, 80 Teams and 24 game stations!


We were hired as a third-party vendor by a chemical manufacturing company to come up with an engaging and active way to kick off their National Manager’s Conference in Orlando, Florida.  The client wanted to give all participants the opportunity to get to know fellow managers, organically work together, and have a some well-deserved fun!


Our team was able to design an event that would enable all 800 people to play simultaneously.  Our plan featured 4 identical areas of 6 game stations where 12 teams could rotate through at each.  After we divided the group into 80 teams, by region, they were ready to begin, and all vying for the top spot—Lawn Olympic Champions! Teams participated in games like life-size jenga, jackstraws, and Tri-ball (3 team volleyball); and earned points at every station that would contribute to their overall team score.  After all teams made it through all games stations in their designated area, our scorekeepers tallied points and prepared to reveal the winning team. The most challenging Lawn Olympics to date, but the smiles on the clients’ faces made it all worth it!