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Shire Medical. Global Day of Service

21 Lego Portraits Donated Nationwide. Corporate Social Responsibility


350 Shire Medical employees from around the country, all met in Chicago to participate in the company’s annual global day of service.  We were in charge of creating a morning team-building event that would keep them both engaged and motivated so early in the day. Since they had done activities like bike builds and making care packages before, the client also wanted some new and innovative CSR ideas for the group to participate in.  After hearing a few of our suggestions, they ecstatically decided on our “Superhero” Lego Portraits activity!


Numbers on name badges and team lists got 350 people at the right tables and with their teammates pretty quickly and seamlessly.  On each table was set with supplies including: 6 LEGO baseplates, a mounting board, and a stack of small containers (for Legos). After a quick group game to determine who would get first pick, teams dashed to the stage to choose their Superhero grid maps and a big bags of LEGOS.  Teams got to choose from awesome characters like: Batman, Ironman, Minion, Dory, Hello Kitty, etc. Their baseplates are filled in per the colors on their grid map (like ‘paint-by-numbers’), so there’s no artistic talent needed! Baseplates were completed, snapped into place on their mounting boards, and teams were amazed at the works of art they’d created!  The whole group worked together to finish the portraits in time; sharing legos and encouraging each other along the way. In the end, over 90,000 LEGOs and 21 “superhero” portraits were donated to local children’s hospitals in each region represented!