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23 Best Virtual Team Building Events for Remote Teams [2021]

“How can I make genuine connections with my co-workers when I never see them in person?” We hear this question all the time and don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! If your company (or at least your current position) is still remote, you’re not alone. As US companies look for ways to cut costs by downsizing […]

6 -Virtual Halloween Events For Remote Teams

Halloween brings out the kid in all of us, so what better time to bring your group together for a fun virtual teambuilding session. Whether you find yourself wrist-deep in slimy pumpkin guts, decorating the perfect Halloween cookie or emerging unscathed from a super spooky Escape Room, these virtual Halloween parties are so much fun, […]

3 Easy Fun Virtual Teambuilding Icebreakers

Here are a few ways to connect with your co-workers virtually, and if you’d like to combine these icebreaker activities with breaking actual ice into your highball glass, we don’t mind if you do! (Hmmm a mixology event combined with icebreakers… yes please!) 1. DESERT ISLAND DISCUSSION What would you bring to a desert island? […]

DIY Teambuilding – Break the Ice Bingo

Learn more about the people who populate your inbox, uncover hidden talents that could prove useful to your business and gain unique insights into who your fellow employees really are. Best of all, this cool Icebreaker can be done virtually or live. Now get cracking! How to Play Break the Ice Bingo Download the Bingo […]

4 Tips for Successful Virtual/Hybrid Events

It’s been quite a year (or two) for the event industry, and there’s a LOT to discuss. For that reason, PCMA – the largest, most respected and most recognized network of business events strategists – brought together industry leaders for their annual education and networking event, EduCon 2021. Biggest item on the docket? Bringing people […]

5 Fun Ways to Virtually Connect with Your Co-Workers

Ah, 2020. A year of WFH, funny filters, embarrassing pants-less Zoom reveals, and full-on cabin fever. Companies found ways to keep workers productive, but without in-person meetings or water-cooler convos, employees were finding it hard to feel connected to their co-workers and their clients. Corporate event companies quickly got creative with virtual versions of popular […]