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Learn more about the people who populate your inbox, uncover hidden talents that could prove useful to your business and gain unique insights into who your fellow employees really are. Best of all, this cool Icebreaker can be done virtually or live. Now get cracking!

How to Play Break the Ice Bingo

1 – Select your topic – for this example, we’ll use one of our favorites: “Things I Didn’t Know About My Co-Worker.”

2 – Create an excel list of words/phrases/things related to your topic.  For instance, your squares could be ‘Has More Than 3 Tattoos’, ‘Has Never Watched Star Wars’, ‘Multilingual Speaker’, ‘Has A Reptile For A Pet’, etc.

3 – Assign a ‘caller’  – this is the person who calls out the item/phrase in the bingo squares; they’ll need to ‘randomly sort’ all the words in excel to make sure the words and phrases are in a mixed-up order.

4 – Caller explains they’ll be randomly calling out a phrase and if you have that phrase on your sheet you get to mark and it off, and whether you have that spot or not on your card if the phrase describes you then you must identify yourself and explain (ie – while Monica doesn’t have ‘More Than 3 Tattoos’ on her card, she speaks up and identifies herself as having more than 3 tattoos.  So do Gerald and Henry – depending on where they are, they may want to show off a couple (but be careful, ha!).

5 – Once a player gets all in a line horizontal, diagonal, or vertical, they won the game.  We suggest playing until you have a ‘Top Three.’

6 – If you get quick winners, simply have people reset their cards or decide to play through 5th place so more people have the opportunity to share.

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