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Virtual Team Building Activities

We offer a wide array of virtual team building games and activities.

Game Show Mashup

We’ve been doing live Game Show Mash-Ups for years, so this was an easy one to take into the virtual world!

We know everyone’s been going to Pub Trivia happy hours and quiz nights, so we knew it needed to be much more than your standard virtual trivia. Virtual team building activities have grown in popularity and now are an integral part of  any successful team. From our “Where In The World” picture round to our ‘Message In A Bottle … Cap” puzzler round, we’ve created new and original games so everyone has a chance to play to their strengths as we move through the game.

Zoom Escape Rooms

We’ve taken all the fun and challenge of a traditional in-person Escape Room and transitioned it into the virtual world. 

Our “Zoom Escape” is a great fit for any group because we include a variety of challenges so that even if you’re not a “puzzle person”, you’ll still find ways to help your team. Our Zoom Escape Room is arguably one of our most popular virtual team games. From interactive riddles to classic ciphers, teams even find themselves competing in a Lip Sync battle after the 3rd clue!

Murder Mystery

Our virtual Murder Mystery is a ton of fun for groups who enjoy getting into character and hamming it up!

Murder Mystery is a fan favorite virtual team building game! Pre-event, guests will receive an email with the official invite detailing the event and a quick synopsis of all of the characters they’ll meet. Upon arrival to the meeting, the main host (or Head Detective) will give them the scoop and send them off to their breakout rooms where a dedicated Team MC will send each guest their character info (complete with character-specific virtual background) and begin guiding them through our 3-act script.

Virtual Quiz Show

Up to 3000 Participants!

Got yourself a big group that’s ready to face off online?  How about several offices across the world that want to match wits against each other?  We got you covered…

This Quiz Show is a great virtual team game for work, especially if you have a large team! Our Virtual Quiz Show takes all the fun of a classic Pub Trivia competition and turns everyone’s phone/web browser into their very own quiz scoresheet. Our interactive host leads your group through a series of multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions, ‘Buzzer’ games, and more.  Play as individuals or as teams where each person’s score counts towards their team total.  It’s all virtual, digital, and super interactive!

Food Bank Family Feud

Up to 3000 Participants!

The virtual world is the perfect environment to get your group yelling ‘Good answer! Good answer!’ while also helping their local food bank help families in need.

Your guests will play classic Family Feud surveys (or we can customize to make them company specific) and earn points with their teammates that will translate into meals for local families.  Want to mix it up in the middle of the game – we’ll toss in some Wheel of Fortune or Name That Tune for bonus points! 

We’ll help coordinate with the food bank or community organization of your choice, and your guests will leave their virtual event not just feeling like they have their finger on the pulse of the opinions of their fellow citizens, but also that warm feeling that comes from helping those in their time of need.

Virtual CSR's

Just because we can’t all be together doesn’t mean we can’t still get together to make a lasting impact on our communities!

Virtual team building activities are a great way to have fun, make a positive impact in your community without the challenge of an in-person event. We have several virtual CRS’s available for you and your team. From tying together blankets for kids who have been through traumatic situations, decorating duffel bags that will be filled with teddy bears and life essentials for foster kids, or doing our ‘Up-cycling’ dog toys for multiple sclerosis, we’d love to talk with you about how to make sure your next virtual meeting makes a real world impact!


Why not let one our professional MC’s take the pressure off your CEO or VP by hosting your next meeting or conference?

From virtual trade shows to half-day, full day, and even 3-day conferences, our seasoned virtual MC’s have helped guide guests through different activities, given CEO’s and management VIP’s the fanfare and introduction they deserve before their speeches, and handled the discussion and Q&A for a myriad of keynote speakers.  Set up a Zoom to interview one of our Conference MC’s and you’ll see how easy it is to keep your attendees engaged and excited at your next conference.